GreenBioZone has just obtained two of the most important ISO standards that a company like ours can access. With this, the consumer makes sure to receive a quality of the highest level.

Obtaining the GreenBioZone ISO standards 1

Obtaining the ISO 9001 standard responds to a consolidated and internationally recognized approach, which focuses on the continuous improvement of processes and the management of the risks of a business, with the aim of satisfying the expectations and needs of our customers, as well as of   other interested parties.

Thanks to the requirements that are part of a standard, any person and potential client understands that the quality levels of the company are those marked by this international standard.  Something that gives solvency and confidence to any brand.

EQA ISO 9001

Quality Standards

The ISO Standard, whose first editions were only used by large industrial companies, has evolved in each of the reviews, adapting to the needs of all types of entities, including SMEs and other organizations, where its application is extended to  a multitude of professional sectors.

The revision carried out in 2000 was a great step forward in passing on its objective of ensuring quality to both management and organisation. With this step, a clear orientation towards customer satisfaction and process management was introduced, all with a focus on continuous improvement.

Influencing that line appeared the 2015 revision, which will be implemented in SMEs in the coming years. With this, the requirements that could be considered as more “bureaucratic” have been reduced, while improving the approach towards an increasingly efficient management. Thus, the analysis of the context in which companies develop their activities offers more tools to improve.

EQA ISO 14001

Caring for the environmental impact

With the ISO 14001 Standard, companies and organizations will proactively manage their environmental impact, respecting the legislation and promoting continuous improvement.

The certification of the Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard helps organizations to demonstrate their permanent commitment to improving performance with respect to environmental matters. This standard has been subject to a thorough review to ensure that the purpose of the company adapts to the changing needs of today’s world reflecting the increasingly complex environment in which organizations operate.

Obtaining the GreenBioZone ISO standards 2

The ISO 14001: 2015 standard gives more importance to the proactive improvement of environmental performance and integrates its management into the strategic plans of each company.  This standard is for organizations of any size, sector or location.

With this you gain a competitive advantage. Thus, it improves the structure, in all management models.  And at each step improves the integration in the company of all other aspects, such as environmental, safety and health in both the field of work or social responsibility, as well as in many others. 

All this means that the ozone generators developed and installed by our company comply with the highest quality standards, as well as a special care for the environment that is reflected in each step taken by the company.